Goblin Talk

A random, short format, variety show goblin podcast


nosepicking It is that time of year again! Birds are singing, grass is growing, rains are falling, and we have 4 more days till Spoutwood Farms Mayday Faerie Festival… Crap! We have only four more days till our first Faerie Festival, and then MDFF right after that! So much to do, so much to pack! Stay cool Wedji, stay cool.

So, here it is – our Faerie Festival Frenzy, lets all get revved up and excited for the weekend, extra special, uber-important, bet you all weren’t even expecting one this week but we did it because we love you anyways and you all deserve the best goblinyness we can give, episode of awesomeness! In which: Gandersnitch the Goblin loses his voice, we recap almost everything there is to do at the festivals, Wedji and Azog give the goblin rules for being in public, and Raven finally clues our listeners in on the complete rules of Elfchess!

Give it a listen, and we will see you this weekend!