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Photo Credit: Cat Eicke Spoutwood Farms - 2014

Photo Credit: Cat Eicke
Spoutwood Farms – 2014

On this week’s program, we were supposed to interview Wotan the Faerie Smasher. It was going to be great… Only, where the heck is he? It doesn’t matter. We recorded an episode anyways!


One Response so far.

  1. Waura says:

    “Hello there Disgustingly Terrible allies!
    I heard your strange voices at my barbarian camp it was strange.” Waura

    This is the Great and Horrible Waura’s right foot scribe!
    Wotan was probably trapped and tricked by faeries, Again. He got tied up in vines she found them on the trail, he’s actually been missing. Waura’s guess is its, Another attempt at ruining our evil meetings she’s sure! she also says,
    “I am starting my journey to reclaim him as i have my barbarian scribe write with my toes now! He is not trying to be rude its just natural( like your green skin) we Barbarians tend to come and go as we please….break things …….and intimidate………and…….” i didn’t hear some of it but i think it was
    “….something else to consider! Barbadians are humans with no magic(unless acquired) and have to travel by foot.”
    So, Wotan could raid your radio at later dates….. AND another thing We don’t really don’t know how to navigate that’s why we get into so many conflicts with the faires when we are bush whacking there homes traveling, this place and that! Helps with elements of surprise too! ooh and she also said and “you invited us, that’s a big no no we prefer if you ban us!”
    I am rewarded if I include this!
    You can give or pay us to take we human children/adults and we will train them in Barbadian ways it is an incredible culture of ruthlessness!
    Lastly Waura says “We will get our meat fed to us as you described somewhere! We will also find the pro-farie-vegitairains who deprived us out of that wonderful meal! ”

    bye bye Allies!
    singed by foot in behalf of Barbarian Queen Wuara.