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  1. Jenn says:

    When an account is suspended the history should not be cleared; it should be in limbo until they reinstate her page. That being said it is still bullshit, and I cannot stand the Facebook “Real Name” policy”. The only thing I can suggest is that she make a page where she can use her stage name where people can contact her.

    • Gandersnitch says:

      This is what I see when I pull up past conversations with Mab via facebook. All of her comments and contributions to the Goblin Talk fb page, or posts on other pages also seem to be missing.

  2. Duh says:

    Dude. it’s a fucking free site. You didn’t pay for any service, they don’t owe you anything. Get over it and move on. If it was that important you shouldn’t have counted on a FREE site to house all your important message and documents.

    • Mab Just Mab says:

      1. yes. it’s free. and no. It isn’t my only point of contact in this world. it is, however, the largest. And only an idiot would ignore it.

      2. I can, in fact, live without facebook. really. it’s just another way to interact with my friends. Where they all are.

      3. this isn’t about me losing FB as a promotional tool. this is about me losing FB as a way to interact with people like people, instead of just numbers.

      To be honest, I was surprised this has been an issue. I have been a facebook user for almost 10 years, never once changing my name from the original, Mab Just Mab.

      10 years of history gone. 10 years of dialogue between friends who are no longer with us, gone. Photos from when I could still walk and dance, gone.

      And I actually have all ID they are asking for to reinstate my account:

      Insurance (under Mab Just Mab)
      membership ids under Mab Just Mab
      Checks written to Mab Just Mab
      Mail addressed to Mab Just Mab

      Today they closed my support ticket. I reopened it and submitted more photos of ID, but I’m not that optimistic.

      There have been some questions about why I don’t just create a fan page. But based on the way Facebook has structured the page, it ends up being a one way dialogue. I am a person, not a page. I interact with people as a human, not a business.

  3. Zork says:


    Facebook may not cost money to use, but it is definitely not “free”. Users agree to give Facebook access to very intimate details. Users provide Facebook massive ad revenue. The implication that Facebook then has no responsibility to their users is overly simplistic, unethical, and a good example of the kind of thinking that is wrecking long-term value for US companies.

  4. Diamond Minx says:

    There is a procedure that Drag and Burlesque performers are able to go through to deal with stage names being flagged.

    Email Li’l Miss Hot Mess. She has a direct line to Facebook. mynameis@lilmisshotmess.com

    *** GET YOUR NAME BACK ***

    Facebook is currently working on updating their internal procedures and systems, but has given us some temporary tricks to restore accounts. Here are two ways to try to get your name back at the moment:

    1. For those who were tagged by whoever that nasty troll is, many should have received an email directly from Facebook (see image). If you got this, please reply to that!!! This should be the fastest way, so don’t do option 2 or you’ll just confuse us all.

    2. If you didn’t receive that message, Facebook has provided us with an email address but asked that we not share it publicly just yet. So instead, you can email *ME* the following info — mynameis@lilmisshotmess.com — and I will forward it to them:

    • Your current profile name, the account URL (i.e. http://www.facebook.com/SisterRoma), and/or the email associated with your account.

    • Date/time (approximate is ok) when your account was suspended.

    • Brief details about your experience: who you are and any other details that could help Facebook evaluate why your account may have been inaccurately suspended.

    • Give your authentic name (the name you go by in every day life that you have previously used on Facebook) as it should appear on your profile.

    >> Please use EMAIL (not Facebook messages or comments)! I’ve set up the above email to keep this streamlined, but please keep in mind that I have to forward each email so only use it to restore your name.

    Please understand that this does not guarantee your account will be re-activated — the Facebook team will review the information on a one-on-one basis. They’ve said it should take 2 days (but note that I can’t fwd them all instantaneously!), so if you don’t hear back or get it restored right away, please give it an extra day or two before messaging me (but if you feel they’re not responding, I do want to know). Hopefully you’ll be back to your old self again in no time!

    • Mab Just Mab says:

      @diamond minx – email already sent! it’s a waiting game. Thank you for your encouragement!

  5. Right BehindYou says:

    Please sign and spread the word!

    Facebook’s Real Name Policy is bullshit.


  6. pissed off says:

    its time to shut down the big brother buddy sites and the assholes that run them.

  7. E. Grumpypants says:

    that’s exactly what happened to me. My account was nixed. Now granted I can’t provide any documented proof of my identity because in reality I don’t exist…. but hey that isn’t the issue. I’ll be posting your blerb for twitter on my twitter account.

  8. pink says:

    I have photos taken at MDFF to help replace those lost.

  9. Eris says:
  10. Eris says:

    This is your “authentic identity.”
    Hopefully someone will listen.


  11. Daniel Singer says:

    I would like to support Mab (and everyone else) with the petition but the wording of the petition starts “I, among hundreds of others, have been forced to change my name” — and that’s simply not true for me so I cannot sign it in good conscience. If the petition language were changed to be more generally in support, I’d be all over it and would be happy to spread it far and wide. Please consider changing it to something like “I support” rather than “I have been forced” If you can’t change the petition after it opens, perhaps start a fresh one with more general language?