Goblin Talk

A random, short format, variety show goblin podcast

I'm PRETTY!Wedji TuCheeks is a Goblin with the heart of a Faerie.  She grew up in Goblinton, with all the other Goblins, and never quite fit in.

Everyone knew she was different.

With her best friend, Azog, and her pet cockroach, Fluffy, she left Goblinton to find out where she belonged.
They saw faeries, and loved them.
She knew inside, that she was just like them.

Many faeries didn’t like her, so she tried really hard to fit in.

They went to the Faeries Are Friends support group where they learned the 3 (or 4) rules to live with faeries.

  1. Faeries are friends, not food.
  2. Don’t scare the children.
  3. Blend in.
  4. according to AZOG, the forth rule is to “Leave Azog alone”

She suspects that these rules are good for more than just goblins who what to be faeries.

Someday, Wedji will have wings of her own. Till then, she has a butterfly tied to her back.

Wedji is starting up a campaign to win support.  She wants to collect enough votes to become a real faerie!