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We were planning a huge hoopla for our one year anniversary of Goblin Talk… But Wedji, the excitable and overly enthusiastic problem child that she is, kept mucking everything up. I figured she could at the very least handle investigating our first pick for caterers at the Dagorhir Feast of Weirdos. It seems she and Azog took the assignment a bit too literally, and actually decided to become investigative reporters for the day. So while we prepare for the Ultimate Episode of Goblin Talk Supreme Brilliance and Complete Awesomeness arranged by Gandersnitch the Goblin… I give you something that Wedji did instead. It is alright. I mean, you will never get these five minutes of your life back, but you were just trolling facebook anyways. (Ok. I lied. It is pretty damn funny. Good Job, Wedji! Azog, put the chainsaw down.)


This is it folks – the final 48 hours. Or well, 39 hours, since I needed to sleep last night and missed the actual 48 hour mark. If you have not pledged – now is the time to do it. If you want the hardback or swag pack – now is the time to upgrade your pledge. If you don’t want your friends to steal your copy – now is the time to tell them to pledge for their own danged book!

Thank you all for your support! It has been amazing. And just think, after tomorrow, no more annoying memes from Gandersnitch!



Photo Credit: Cat Eicke Spoutwood Farms - 2014

Photo Credit: Cat Eicke
Spoutwood Farms – 2014

Wedji has asked me to write all the good words, to explain this episode. Icecream, world peace, fart jokes, faeries, green, tax refunds, boogers, children’s laughter, Azog smashing things, imagination, exploitation, excommunication! Ok, those last ones are just big words, but I got carried away. Anyhow, Wedji and I (and Azog) went to Spoutwood Farms May Day Faerie Festival, and we did three live recordings. The first one was eaten by zombies. This is the second one, with our special guests Quince and Kiwi from Faerie Ring Theatre (aka Sidetracked).

Please note that this is an uber long episode with minimal editing. It is LIVE! Which makes it extra special, but it also means we don’t have the same setup and control of our standard studio environment. We have not expressed all the funny bits into a mashy pulp to pick and choose and smoosh back together into well edited and polished comedy. Nope, you get us raw, uncensored, and still damn funny. You get the table thumps, the squeals of laughter, the bits that you just had to be there to witness, and everyone talking over each other all at once. But that’s ok – cause you rock. We know you will forgive us for the occasional ear splitting pop as you pee yourself with laughter. I know I did… and the folks at Panera were not to please about it either…

So here it is – part 1 of our Live Spoutwood recordings. Part two will be coming next week, or once we find another Panera to steal wifi and electric from. Enjoy!



In this episode we chat with the amazing Travis Fessler of Pickled Brothers Circus from Cincinnati, Ohio. As a professional circus freak, and thus a kindred soul to Wedji, he regales us with tales of his exploits while we discuss pickles, circuses, and cutlery.

As always, it is only five minutes long! So listen to it already!
There are no excuses! Resistance is pointless… Or something like that.


This is our first podcast ever!

But don’t worry, it is really short. Only five minutes long.
And it is funny. And it has goblins. And we wish a happy birthday to Krii.

So really, you should listen to it.
Heck, you can listen to it while you poop.
You take your phone in there anyways, I know you do!

Hey! We’re Goblins! you think we know this tech stuff?

well, we are swapping things around and this here is a TEST!  boom!  with EXPLOSIONS!  okay, maybe not explosions, but BOOM stuff!  LA!