Goblin Talk

A random, short format, variety show goblin podcast


11257837_10152956845592523_8863375340674320339_nDeep in the woods of the New York Faerie Festival, where no one could hear her scream, Wedji TuCheeks made yet another attempt at a solo music career. Thankfully, nobody will ever see this video. I have packed it away in a cardboard box, labeled it as “Free Rabid Wolverines”, and dropped it in the river. The world shall be spared the horrors of Goblin Rock. You can thank me later.



Hey guys! I found a box in the river labeled “Free Wolverines”. Stupid box! There were no wolverines… But check out this cool video I found inside!




For our one year anniversary special episode of Goblin Talk (which will happen sometime around Valentines day), we want to hear from our listeners and past guests! We want to know how Goblin Talk has changed your lives over the past year, and what you love about the show, Gandersnitch, Wedji, and Azog. (Mostly Azog…)

And to make this happen – we installed a phone for you to call!

Uhm… sorta installed. Almost installed? Attempted to install! As is the case with everything Azog touches, it is kinda screwy. It only works from the website. You click the little Google widget and then Google calls you, and then Google calls us, and then you leave us an awesome message, and then we play it on the air. All praise the great big brother Google! (They made us say that… Please send help… Or cookies.)

So call us! Please!


10155853_10152382430364365_6530021521251584133_nToday on the program we make friends with a gentleman that sounds like god, Joshua Beard. He is a photographer traveling Asia to teach kids about creativity. Do we really need to say anything more than that? I don’t think so. Go back and read that sentence again…

He is so awesome, that we spend almost ten minutes chatting with him. Well really, we spent over an hour talking to him and cut it down to the most informative 10 minutes. And there was still so much more to say. But we can’t do EVERYTHING for you. Listen to the podcast, and then check out his blog: www.strangetinypeople.com. Trust us, you will be glad you did!



Everybody loves Chai! It is like the sheer essence of Autumn in a single gulp. This is what the Greeks meant, when they talked about the ‘Nectar of the Gods’. But like any good Greek tragedy, our friends from Sparkle Chai are in trouble. Their carriage has been felled, their finances tested, their mission of mercy to bring Chai to the needy masses of goblins has been placed in jeopardy, and they might just pissed of Zeus by not sleeping with cows. I mean, we don’t know how it actually happened, but that is the best guess I have got.

Anyhow, Bucky and Emily are our favorite Chai people. And heck, lets be honest, some of our favorite people period. And they need help to get stuff fixed and things rolling to the first festival of their season, Spoutwood Farms May Day Faerie Festival. And that is where you come in. Go to their site, support their fundraiser, get Chai. Easy right? Seriously. Do it. Right now. And reap the rewards of being a loving, and supporting fan. www.gofundme.com/SparkleChai2014

Or don’t… in which case there will be no Chai, and all treaties are off, and the goblins will be cranky, and we don’t take any prisoners. Just saying. The first option is way better for everyone.