Goblin Talk

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triogoblinsWe have decided to move to a bi-weekly format, in solidarity with… you know, people and stuff. Because you shouldn’t judge, or so they say. But do those people in turn judge those who are judging? Who judges the judges? That’s what I want to know…

Right, sorry – since people are having withdrawals from the schedule change, and are all discombobulated from the time change over in America, we decided to make things a bit more bearable and give you an extra special early episode this week! (Or late, if you were expecting it last week.) This one is all about our four favorite faerie festivals! It is also seven and a half minutes long, because we wanted to make sure all of them got a good bit of time. We also determine once and for all, which faerie festival is the best of the best!

Now, I know what you are saying – but these don’t start for over another month, and one of them isn’t even till the summer. This is true, but you have to plan now people! Buy your tickets, book your cabin, secure your tent space, take the kids out of school, come up with an excuse for forgetting Mother’s Day, and practice your emergency floatation survival skills in case of flooding! Don’t wait till the day before… Unless you do wait till the day before… I mean you can still go, even if you decide at the last minute. You could even wait till it has started and then come, that’s ok. But don’t wait till the day after, cause then you would be bored and all alone and tasked with cleaning the whole mess up.

If we didn’t name your favorite faerie festival here, it is because we either don’t know about it, have never been invited to it, or might have been banished from it, it requires us to swim across an ocean to get there, or we forgot about it in the magnificence of these other four.

Here are the links to the websites of our four favorite Faerie Festivals:
Festival of Legends – April 26th & 27th – Chapel Hill, NC.

Spoutwood Farm’s May Day Faerie Festival – May 2nd to 4th – Glenn Rock, PA

Maryland Faerie Festival – May 10th & 11th – Darlington, MD

NY Faerie Festival – June 27th to 29th – Ouaquaga, NY