Goblin Talk

A random, short format, variety show goblin podcast


For our one year anniversary special episode of Goblin Talk (which will happen sometime around Valentines day), we want to hear from our listeners and past guests! We want to know how Goblin Talk has changed your lives over the past year, and what you love about the show, Gandersnitch, Wedji, and Azog. (Mostly Azog…)

And to make this happen – we installed a phone for you to call!

Uhm… sorta installed. Almost installed? Attempted to install! As is the case with everything Azog touches, it is kinda screwy. It only works from the website. You click the little Google widget and then Google calls you, and then Google calls us, and then you leave us an awesome message, and then we play it on the air. All praise the great big brother Google! (They made us say that… Please send help… Or cookies.)

So call us! Please!


hissing cockroach like what Travis put in his mouth.  VS.  Fluffy! Wedji's pet bug

Today on Goblin Talk we get back in touch with our good friend, Travis Fessler. (www.pickledbrothers.com)
We discover the secrets of google, other things you can put in your mouth, and why genetically modified food might not be that bad for some folks. As always our show is short, to the point, and reeks of insanity. But don’t take my word for it – give it a listen.