Goblin Talk

A random, short format, variety show goblin podcast


wedji & oncaSo we were there, in the woods, at NYFF, and someone handed Wedji a microphone. Big mistake! Though, it did encourage her to put down the megaphone. We had a dedicated few audience members camped out, determined to get the good seats. But Gandersnitch wanted more! So he walked the grounds, whooping and hollering for one an all to come and listen to the best thing that had happened thus far all day! (We were the first thing to happen that day, but it doesn’t really matter.) Then Paolo Garbonzo (Professional Jester) and Onça O’Leary (The Hardest Working Woman in Showbiz) took pity on us, having no clue what we were all about, and sat down in the wrong seats. The ones reserved for special guests! So we put them on the spot, checked for spots, and things went a bit wacky from there. Lots of laughter, live in the woods, and a little girl with the propensity for pushing just the right buttons and completely the wrong time. It’s Goblin Talk Live! 30 minutes long! Uncut and out of control!