Goblin Talk

A random, short format, variety show goblin podcast

Gandersnitch the Goblin wrote a book! And it is a pretty swell book. Full of murder, and mayhem, and goblin philosophy, and queens flicking boogers, and one night stands, and evil spells, and whiskey (a little bit even spilled on the pages as he was writing, what a waste!). And you can get a copy!

Well, you can get a copy once he hits the kickstarter goal to have it printed. Until then, it resides safely in an un-smashable chest under Azog’s bed. Cause it turns out that editing and printing a book (and recording an audio cd of the book) takes a bit of capital. We tried paying with teeth… It didn’t work. And no, we don’t know what happened to the tooth fairy! Don’t ask us! We never saw her!

Anyways, check out the kickstarter. Laugh at the video. Drool over the awesome rewards. Get your book. Share with your friends. And show your love and appreciate for GOBLINS! And here is a little secret just for you – once we raise 50% of the necessary funds, there will be another video going up. The outtakes one. And it is so funny that Posie is going to pee in her pants watching it!


10155853_10152382430364365_6530021521251584133_nToday on the program we make friends with a gentleman that sounds like god, Joshua Beard. He is a photographer traveling Asia to teach kids about creativity. Do we really need to say anything more than that? I don’t think so. Go back and read that sentence again…

He is so awesome, that we spend almost ten minutes chatting with him. Well really, we spent over an hour talking to him and cut it down to the most informative 10 minutes. And there was still so much more to say. But we can’t do EVERYTHING for you. Listen to the podcast, and then check out his blog: www.strangetinypeople.com. Trust us, you will be glad you did!