Goblin Talk

A random, short format, variety show goblin podcast


11257837_10152956845592523_8863375340674320339_nDeep in the woods of the New York Faerie Festival, where no one could hear her scream, Wedji TuCheeks made yet another attempt at a solo music career. Thankfully, nobody will ever see this video. I have packed it away in a cardboard box, labeled it as “Free Rabid Wolverines”, and dropped it in the river. The world shall be spared the horrors of Goblin Rock. You can thank me later.



Hey guys! I found a box in the river labeled “Free Wolverines”. Stupid box! There were no wolverines… But check out this cool video I found inside!




Today we bring you a BONUS episode – all about everyone’s favorite over-sized lump, Azog Greater Goblin! Or at least that was the plan… But Azog is too to be bound by clocks or schedules. Seriously, if it is a fancy or expensive clock, he should not be anywhere near it, bound or not. Seeing as how time is money, and money is basically non-existent over here, we could not waste the recording session. And the nasty little gnomes in line behind us were adamant about starting their gardening program on time this week. So here it is: Waiting For Azog.